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Welcome to Happy Hounds Photography!

We are Edmonton pet photographers specializing in fun and candid portraits – no matter how big or small, fuzzy or feathered, we love them all!

Our sessions are designed to capture your companion, as they are – energetic, goofy and absolutely adorable!

We know that your dog is more than just a pet, they are members of the family and they are our trusted companions. We adopted our dog Bella in 2010 from the Brooks Animal Rescue Society (BAPS) and she very quickly became a member of our family. Happy Hounds was named after the happiest hound we know – our furbaby, Bella!

To start off our blog, we would like to share some photos of Bella – she is a nice introduction to the work that we do. As time goes by we will be posting photos from our sessions, our Edmonton and area volunteer dog photography work (we LOVE rescue organizations!) and of course lots of photos of Bella being ridiculous.

Bella sitting on Sunny's shoulders

Sometimes Sunny wears Bella like a scarf…

Bella and Jess in the flowers

This photo was taken just a few days after Bella came to live with us.

Jumping Photo Top of Mountain

We love to camp and hike with our hound!

Photo of dog sleeping peacefully

Our Motto: A tired hound is a happy hound!

Thank you for visiting our blog, we hope that you check back often to see photos from our sessions and for information on all sorts of cool dog (and pet) related events and topics!







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