Sierra – Strathcona Park Dog Portraits

Sierra and her owners, Andrea and Bobby met us at Edmonton’s beautiful Strathcona Park for their dog portrait session on a beautiful summer evening.

When this couple made the commitment to get a dog they were faced with a few challenges – what size, what breed and of course what to name her?

When telling the story of how Sierra got her name, Andrea shakes her head and laughs. Sierra was lovingly named after Bobby’s truck, a beautiful name to fit a beautiful, energetic hound! “It was either that, or our first born child” Andrea retells the story with a smile on her face.

We love outdoor dog portrait sessions!

Dog in Field with Owners

Such a beautiful evening for portraits

Dog Running Through Green Grass

Just your usual evening run through the park

Dog Laying in Grass by Owners Feet

Look at those ears!

Sierra Sunset Canine Photos

Sunset portraits of Sierra

Family Portrait with Dog

Thanks Andrea, Bobby & Sierra for a lovely evening of photography!


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