Scout – Edmonton River Valley Dog Photography

Scout is definitely a spunky hound! At just over a year old, she is beaming with energy and a zest for life! Scout is a pure white Schnoodle (Schnauzer + Poodle) who loves to chase anything – although she does have a special fondness for her bright pink tennis ball. This outdoor dog photography session let Scout run, play and show the camera some love!

We met Scout and her people at McKinnon Ravine in the Edmonton River Valley for an evening  of pet photography. It was a beautiful evening as we roamed the park and pathways capturing Scout in her element!

Small Dog Running Through the Grass

Scout runs so fast she hovers above the grass!

Scout Smiles as She Runs

She even smiles when she runs!

Action Shot of Dog Chasing Ball

The pink tennis ball!

Scout Dog Sunset Portrait

Such a beautiful evening!

Scout Lounging in Edmonton River Valley Park

Scout tracked down a good stick!

Scout Poses for the Camera

She thinks that we have treats…


We are professional dog photographers who specialize in unique and candid dog and pet photography! Thank you to Scout for being such a goofy little hound! Thank you also to her people – Marcie & Craig for a fantastic evening of fun photos!

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