Haile – Mill Creek Ravine Dog Photography

As Edmonton pet photographers, we get to spend a lot of time in the beautiful river valley and one of our favourite spots for dog photography is the Mill Creek Ravine!

This is Haile (pronounced Hi-Lee), and she is a miniature labradoodle, but don’t let the “mini” fool you, she is a hound with a big personality! Her owners aptly named her after the Olympic runner Haile Gebrselassie – because this pooch sure can run!

We met Haile and her people at the Mill Creek Ravine for some fun and formal dog photography. We had a blast taking running action photos as Haile chased her ball around the park. Then, spouting her hipster finest, we managed to get this playful pup to hold still long enough to capture some very cute formal dog portraits.

Edmonton Pet Photographers

She is just gearing up here…

Edmonton Dog Photographers

Now she is mid-stride! Check out the stretch!

Edmonton dog photography

Now she waits for the next throw…

Edmonton dog portraits

Time to relax in the shade!

Candid Dog Photography Edmonton

Now that is a happy hound!

Edmonton dog portraits

Haile the Hipster Hound


Thank you to Haile and her people – Mira & Ferenc for a lovely evening of candid canine portraits!



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