Who We are

We are Sunny, Jess, Bella & Walter!

Sunny (according to Jess): Tall, dark, handsome, ridiculous, fabulous BBQ’er

Jess (according to Sunny): Short, cute, great laugh, great cook, great little-spoon

Bella (according to Bella): Snacks, snuggles, squirrels, sleeping
Walter (according to Walter): Mom?!

edmonton dog photographers sunny and jess

Photo Courtesy Haley Shandro @ https://shandrophoto.com/

We, The People

We (Sunny & Jess) have been together for over 11 years after meeting at the University of Alberta.  Upon graduating we both found full time employment in our respective fields, but in 2011 we started a wedding photography business (Deep Blue Photography) after a few friends and family members asked us to photograph their weddings that summer.

Discovering Photography, Together

We fell in love with wedding photography and turned a hobby we both loved doing into a successful business.  By the end of 2018 we will have photographed over 160 weddings together.

Our first real taste of pet photography came with our furbaby Bella. We adopted Bella from the Brooks Animal Protection Society in July 2010 after an extensive search for “our” dog.

Since then, we have also adopted our loveable Walter, a “senior” dog who at 8 years old has fit in just perfectly with us and Bella.

Turning Fur-Babies into a Passion

After photographing a number of family and engagement/couples sessions that involved dogs over the past few years, as well as photographing Bella and her friends, we decided that we would take our love for animals and photography and combine them into what you see today – Happy Hounds Photography.

That’s Us. Your Turn!

Although our first love is dogs we would love to photograph your special friend, whether they have fur, scales or feathers!